S/P2 Careers | Success Story: Collision Career Institute

Connecting auto techs who want to enter the industry with body shops looking to fill apprenticeships is the aim of the Collision Career Institute (CCI) in Yorba Linda, California.

When Amber Ritter, Chief Operations Officer of CCI, needs help placing students in jobs, she looks no further than S/P2 Careers.

“Many of our apprentices have completed or are at the end of completing traditional vocational programs and still find themselves unable to find jobs,” said Ritter. “CCI aims to bridge that gap through training, and S/P2 Careers is a great tool to identify those individuals.”

Ritter said she likes that she can easily search by zip code and industry to find candidates. She also appreciates that S/P2’s credits program is an affordable way to connect with those finishing up vocational programs.

Bringing entry-level technicians and employers together. That’s S/P2 Careers.