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S/P2’s mission is to provide quality online training that educates students and employees to create safe, productive schools and workplaces, and tools to help career tech students find career opportunities with the right first employer.

S/P2 Training

Online Training for the Skilled Trades

S/P2 training is used by more than 225,000 students and employees every year. Our safety and environmental industry-specific training is 100% online, ensuring your students and employees learn about workplace safety and compliance with OSHA and EPA—before they step into the work area. S/P2 also offers training in Ethics, Human Resources, Sustainability and Professional Skills, as well as exclusive third-party credentials for students.

S/P2 training helps schools and businesses reduce risk and instill a safety culture in all industries. Start training today at SP2.org!

S/P2 Careers

Connecting Skilled Students and Employers

The worker shortage is the biggest challenge facing the skilled trades today. Skilled workers are in high demand and very short supply. S/P2 uses its significant footprint in career tech schools to connect the next generation of skilled workers with businesses across the country.

S/P2 Careers is the largest recruiting platform of career tech student resumes in the United States, with more than 70,000 resumes that businesses can use to recruit locally, regionally and nationally.

These candidates are looking for full-time, part-time and internship opportunities in their career field of choice. Find and grow your own technicians with S/P2 Careers by connecting your business with the next generation of talent. S/P2 Careers has students interested in:

• Automotive service
• Collision repair and refinish
• Heavy-duty/diesel technology
• Welding