The coronavirus and resulting school closings have made it necessary for administrators and instructors across the country to strategize ways to push learning from a distance.

As you are implementing remote learning plans, S/P2 can help! Our courses are all online and can be used on a computer, tablet or phone. Just $299 for a multiple-course credentialed bundle for everyone on your campus.

S/P2 Automotive Service

S/P2 Collision Repair

S/P2 Heavy-Duty/Diesel

S/P2 Construction

S/P2 Cosmetology

S/P2 Culinary

S/P2 Welding

S/P2 Soft Skills and S/P2 Human Resources—for all students!

Call us today at 888.241.8332 to add to your remote learning for CTE students—and all students!

If you already have S/P2 but need help with assigning courses or other administrative needs, give us a call at 888.241.8258. We are happy to help!