Keeping your employees and students safe isn’t just important, it’s the law! In order to be OSHA compliant, businesses are required to train everyone annually on the hazards they may face in their workplace. For schools, safety training instills good habits that last a lifetime.

Why Choose S/P2?

More than 200,000 students and employees take our industry-specific online safety and environmental training every year. S/P2 online training is both convenient and affordable. For just $299, you can train everyone under one roof. At this price, you get a training bundle that also includes additional courses covering workplace topics like ethics and how to successfully run team meetings.

For students, the training bundle includes the course “Land That Job! Building a Resume.” Once students complete this course, they will have a resume they can download.

Don’t skimp on safety. Your students and employees are too important. Your business’ reputation is too valuable. Choose S/P2 and choose to make safety training a priority!