Getting at the Root

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

An accident happens in the shop where an employee slips and falls on an area coated in spilled oil. You clean up the oil, send the injured employee to the ER and move on about your day.

The next week, a similar accident happens in the same spot. It’s the busy lunch hour and you’re in a rush, so you quickly sop up the mess and start working down the line of customers. A few days later … well, you see what’s happening here. A similar incident is happening in your shop over and over again, and the rush to get back to the business of the day is taking priority over solving the safety issue.

This exact type of scenario is why OSHA and the EPA urge employers, including shop owners and operators, to go deeper when an accident happens to determine the cause of the accident and how it can be avoided or prevented in the future. It’s called root cause analysis, and it aims to get to the heart of the matter to help prevent a recurring event.


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