S/P2 Releases Meeting Management Courses

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

OVERLAND PARK, KAN. — S/P2 has added two new courses to its curriculum: “Successful Meeting Management for Managers and Business Owners” and “Time for a Team Huddle! Running Successful Team Meetings.”

The new online courses focus on how to plan, facilitate, and participate in all types of meetings. They have been developed for all ages of industry professionals, including students just starting their careers, as well as industry veterans.

“Communication skills are critical to the success of any business, and one of the key opportunities shops have to improve communication is within internal meetings,” said S/P2 President, Kyle Holt. “These courses can help every employee improve the way they communicate in meetings, increasing everyone’s productivity. Higher productivity results in higher profits.”

Since March 2015, S/P2 has added courses on interview skills, ethics, and now meeting management to its existing safety and pollution prevention subscriptions.

“We will be adding more courses for the shops and career technical schools we serve, including human resources, 21st-century skills, sustainability, and others in the next few months,” said Holt. “The S/P2 course offerings are growing as we speak to help students and employees achieve success in all aspects of their careers.”

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