The Parts Identification course is back online and better than EVER!
S/P2 has teamed up with Advance Auto Parts, the source for quality auto parts, advice and accessories, to help students identify automotive parts.

The course had some technical issues, but now it’s back! Students who complete the 30-minute “Identifying Automotive Parts” online course will earn a certificate and industry credential that can be included on their resume.

Modules include:

  • Brake System
  • Steering and Suspension System
  • Engine Mechanical/Belts/Pumps
  • Engine Fuel/Air/Ignition/Exhaust
  • Engine Compartment
  • Cooling System and HVAC
  • Other Parts

This course is available in the Automotive Service, Collision Repair and Heavy-Duty/Diesel bundles. Each bundle, which includes training on safety, pollution prevention and more, is just $299 for everyone under one roof!

If you have already purchased or renewed your account, you have the course now. If not, purchase or renew today!