S/P2 Careers | Success Story: Javier and Southwest KIA

Javier Otero Grajeda, Austin Community College student

Austin Community College student Javier Otero Grajeda thought he was doing an ordinary class assignment when his instructor had him take the S/P2 training course “Land That Job: Building a Resume. Little did he know, it was about to open up opportunities for him that he never thought possible.

Javier created his resume through the course and then posted it to S/P2 Careers. Then one night while he was playing a game on his cell phone, he got an email from Southwest KIA Austin. The dealership saw his resume on S/P2 Careers and wanted to interview him for a job.

Javier’s interview turned into a job offer, which turned into a career. That one simple step of posting his resume on S/P2 Careers took him from working at a grocery store to working his dream job as an automotive technician.

“Because of S/P2, I have my career,” Javier said. “I don’t know where I’d be right now if it weren’t for S/P2.”

At S/P2 Careers, we know there are more students like Javier out there who can be matched with the right first employer.