S/P2 Careers | Success Story: Southeastern Freight Lines

Finding hardworking heavy-duty diesel technicians is extremely important to trucking company Southeastern Freight Lines. That’s why the South Carolina-based company turns to S/P2 Careers when it comes time to add to its high-quality team of technicians.

Company officials said they like using S/P2 Careers because it widens the pool of candidates from which they can hire. It also gives them an opportunity to choose from candidates that are specifically looking for work as a heavy-duty diesel technician.

“The tools on S/P2 Careers are excellent,” said Southeastern Freight Lines’ Jim Boyd. “Any support you may need is basically instantaneous and it is another excellent tool to help with your recruiting efforts. We’ve been very happy with the young people we have brought into apprentice roles, many of whom have begun to produce quality work as soon as they are hired.”

Find technicians. Hire technicians. It’s that easy thanks to S/P2 Careers.