S/P2 is grateful for all you do! As the school year winds down, everyone at S/P2 wants to express our appreciation for all your hard work throughout the year.

Your contributions make a difference, and your work is important! You are helping to maintain interest in career tech and grow these important industries.

S/P2 appreciates the effort career tech instructors put toward keeping their students safe in the classroom and for preparing them to be safe in the workplace.

If class time is winding down for you, we hope you have a relaxing summer. We can’t wait to serve you again next school year by providing your students with the best in online safety and pollution prevention training, as well as soft skills and other training.

If you continue to teach throughout the summer, we are here to help. Contact us anytime!

Have questions? Contact our team at 888.241.8332 or email info@sp2.org.