The recruiting and training of entry-level technicians is a priority for schools and businesses.S/P2 wants to make this easier, so we’ve developed a workplace mentoring program designed to work for you!

S/P2 mentoring courses help you grow your own technicians.

The workplace mentoring system includes the following three online courses that help everyone in the mentoring process:

Learn how to create a mentoring program:
85 minutes

Teaches mentors how to manage mentees:
64 minutes

Educates the mentee on what’s expected:
30 minutes

The courses come with an online mentee tracking system that allows a mentor to evaluate the mentee’s progress in real-time from a phone or tablet using the NATEF/ASE Education Foundation Task Lists. We’ve made it convenient!

S/P2’s workplace mentoring programs are designed for the automotive service, collision repair and refinish, and heavy-duty/diesel industries.

For a limited time, the workplace mentoring program is FREE to all schoolsand businesses! Take advantage of this great tool and contact us today to get started.