It’s easy to print certificates for your whole group or just one user. Here’s how:

Start by logging in as an S/P2 admin. Next, follow these steps:

  • Click Reporting.
  • Click Group Certificate Reports (it will list all of your groups).
  • Choose the group you want, then click on Send Request.
  • Enter the email address of where you want it sent. The system will send a link. (This may take a few minutes depending on the group size.)
  • Click on the link in your email, and then click to download or print the certificates.

Want to print just one certificate? No problem:

  • Click on Users/Groups.
  • Search by last name, then select the user.
  • Scroll to User Course Progress.Click on the All Certificates tab. Click on View Certificate next to the certificate you want to print.
  • Click on Print or Download. Be sure to click on Printable Version so the certificate prints actual size.

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