This month: Say Goodbye to the 3-code Login and Hello to the Invitation Link!

DID YOU KNOW? Account administrators can send new users the S/P2 invitation link so they can set up their own login credentials. This eliminates the need to add users one by one. Here’s how:

  • After logging in, select “users’ groups.”
  • Choose an existing group or create a new group.
  • Click the “manage invitation” button and choose S/P2 courses.
  • Copy the invitation link and paste it into an email to students or employees.
  • Users can click on the link and create their username and password.

When sending the invitation link to students or employees, we recommend they use their email address as their username. This allows them to easily retrieve their codes if they forget!

P.S. Have you changed your login to 2 codes yet? We are saying goodbye to the 3-code login on our homepage soon!