Attention Instructors: We are Seeking Student Feedback!

S/P2 is working in conjunction with the ASE Education Foundation to gather information from automotive service students regarding their interest and plans for working/interning/apprenticing while still in school, as well as their motivations for participating in an automotive service program. 

This information will be collected by the ASE Education Foundation and shared with instructors to help people like yourself gain a better understanding of the thoughts and motivations of students nationwide. S/P2 is proud to be a part of this research opportunity. 

Together, S/P2 and the ASE Education Foundation ask you to please provide the survey link to your high school’s automotive service students (all grade levels) and strongly encourage them to participate. Or, if you click on the QR code button, you can print out the QR code and students can use their smartphones to access the survey.

The more we can learn, the more we can all do more to make sure we’re preparing the next generation of technicians. Thank you for making this a great year for your students, and for encouraging your students to participate in this valuable research! 


Kyle Holt, President, S/P2