S/P2 has teamed up with Daimler Trucks North America to introduce a new course for heavy-duty/diesel students: Heavy-Duty Truck Terminology 101.

Consumer demand for home delivery of merchandise is putting many more trucks on the road, and companies are meeting these challenges head-on by providing innovative technologies that result in improved efficiency and productivity, and lower emissions. Your students have great opportunities ahead!

In this 30-minute online course, your students will:

  • Become familiar with general truck terminology
  • Identify some components of heavy-duty trucks
  • Know the basics of heavy-duty engine terminology
  • Learn about a career in the medium- and heavy-duty truck industry

Students who complete this course will earn a certificate and industry credential that can be included in their portfolio to show employers that they know about the basics of heavy-duty trucks.

This course is included in the S/P2 heavy-duty/diesel bundle, which also includes training on safety, pollution prevention and more. If you have a current heavy-duty account, you have the Daimler Trucks course now. If not, purchase or renew today, and train all of your students under one roof for one full year!

Heavy-duty trucks are complex and exciting machines. Make sure your students get the opportunity to learn more about this industry with a new course from your trusted online training provider, S/P2!