WD-40 Company courses: Have your students earned their credential yet?

S/P2 has teamed up with WD-40 Company, the industry leader in maintenance products for parts, tools, equipment and more, to develop an online training course that will teach students the best practices of cleaning, maintaining and storing hand and power tools.

Depending on their area of study, students have access to either the construction version or the general industry version of the “WD-40: Cleaning, Storage, and Maintenance of Tools and Equipment” course.

In just 30-35 minutes, your students will learn:

  • The importance of tool maintenance, storage and cleaning
  • The science behind maintenance products and their different uses
  • The effects of rust on tools and how to properly remove it
  • Best practices for hand and power tool maintenance
  • Common product applications for cleaning and maintaining tools

This course is available in several S/P2 training bundles, including:

Each bundle is just $399 for everyone under one roof!

If you have already purchased or renewed your account, you have the course now. If not, purchase or renew today, and train all of your students under one roof for one full year!

Students who complete this course will earn a certificate and industry credential that can be included on their resume.

Find out more about S/P2 and our credentialed courses by contacting our team at 888.241.8332, visiting SP2.org or emailing info@sp2.org.