Monday, May 28th, 2018

Check out the Motor Age article by Chris Chesney that talks about implementing a mentoring system in an automotive shop environment. In the article, he says:

“I suggest looking at the recent program created by partners ASE and S/P2 to develop and support mentorship in our industry. S/P2 is an organization that provides safety and pollution prevention training for our industry, as well as vocational education that meets OSHA requirements. They have more than 2,300 schools in their program and thousands of aftermarket shops as well. Recently, they took on the task of creating an online course that supports a mentorship program. It includes modules for the manager who must be the driver of the program, the mentor who is responsible for the growth of the apprentice, the mentee who needs to understand what is expected of them and a module focused on the resources needed by all to support the implementation of the program in your business. It also demonstrates the need to work with the local vocational institutions. The program will soon offer an app that the mentor can use to interact with the learning objective of the mentee quickly and easily via their phone. ASE supports this effort, and you can find more information on”

Read the full article at Motor Age

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