Monday, May 7th, 2018

Teaching an employee to replace a transmission is a systematic process with defined steps that should be taken. Success can be measured if all the steps are followed and the car performs as it should.

But does your business have a process in place to train employees how to have positive interactions with customers, resolve problems with fellow employees or successfully lead a team?

Nobody is born with these “soft skills.” Just like technical skills, soft skills must be learned. A person must understand soft skills and put them into practice in real life, and continue to refine those skills through experience and ongoing learning.

In the automotive industry, soft skills are all too often overlooked and under-trained. Both hard and soft skills are essential to operating a successful business, but many employers do not train in areas such as soft skills or human resources because they expect employees to know how to behave on the job. Because soft skills are important to every employee and ultimately your business, it’s important to take the time and resources necessary to get your employees up to speed on these important skills. Whether part time or full time, new to their career or approaching retirement, everyone can use a refresher on their soft skills.

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