S/P2 Donates Interview Skills Course to Collision Repair Education Foundation

Monday, March 7th, 2016

Eligible schools contact S/P2 directly to obtain access to the course.

OVERLAND PARK, KAN., March 7, 2016 – S/P2 has announced their commitment to donate “Land That Job: Interview Skills for Automotive Students” course to the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF) for use in high school and college collision repair schools nationwide. The course consists of topics such as how to prepare for an interview, what to do during the meeting and how to follow up after the interview.

“S/P2 trains more than 150,000 students and technicians annually on safety and pollution prevention best practices. We know once students are preparing to enter the workforce, their next hurdle is landing that job,” said S/P2 President Kyle Holt. “Many students can do the job, they just need assistance in presenting themselves professionally in their interview. It’s our pleasure to partner with the Education Foundation in preparing collision repair students to start a valuable, long-term career in the industry.”

CREF Director of Development Brandon Eckenrode noted, “I would like to thank S/P2 for the generous donation that is meant to help better prepare high school and college collision students for employment within the industry. We consistently hear from the industry that they are looking for motivated, properly trained, and professional entry-level employment candidates and this donation will assist us in working towards that goal. Now more than ever do instructors and students need the industry’s support and we welcome industry companies supporting our initiatives, similar to what S/P2 has done.”

Educational institutions gain access to the course by contacting S/P2 directly and requesting access to the course in conjunction with the CREF program. Schools do not need to be affiliated with CREF to take advantage of this free course.

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