New S/P2 Ethics Course for Career Technical Schools

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

We are excited to announce that S/P2 has launched Ethics courses for career technical programs that use S/P2!

A new Ethics course is now available—at no additional cost—to all career technical schools that use S/P2. If you have a current S/P2 account for your career technical program, the new Ethics course is already on your account.

There is surprisingly little education dedicated to ethics for career tech students to prepare them for their career field. S/P2 wants to change that!

We are proud to bring this discussion to the forefront, address situations head-on, and help change the way businesses, management, employees, students, and instructors think about ethics and their industry. S/P2 is releasing the new S/P2 Ethics course to career technical schools across the United States as a free course for our S/P2 instructors and students.

S/P2 has helped change the way the career and technical schools address safety and the environment, and we are doing it again! As part of our legacy, we want to provide industry-specific ethics courses to help make our career tech students better prepared for their careers.

If your school is not using S/P2 courses, sign your school up today!

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